Last Sunday (11/10/20) took place a regional race in Golbey (France).

That was my first time on their new track. The facilities are amazing and the track is great.

When we arrived, the track was damp as it rained the days before. More than damp, the track was

also bumpy.

For the practices I decided to start with the Gripz Evo in M4. That was a good choice, the car was

easy to drive and fast on the track.

For the first round of qualification, I did a few adjustments on the car so it would absorb the bumps

better. I also decided to go with the Impulse Evo in M4 compound and the dirt was sticky.

The run went well and I TQed it.

Unfortunately the rain came right after this round. The club canceled the race due to the heavy rain

that last forever.

Next weekend, we’ll attend a 2 days race, hope we will have great weather!