Big turnout in Canberra over the weekend for the clay cup 2 day event. Ep8 had some fast guys and there was some tight racing which was awesome to go with the very unusual race format. 1 qualifier, average of your best 5 laps seeds you into your position for the finals, 3x10 minute finals, then do that all again 2 more times. Unfortunately rain ended up cutting the event short but not before we were able to get results from the races we had completed. I took 3rd overall in ep8 with Peter O'Brien

in 1st and Matt Seckold in 2nd. Shame it came to an end so early because the track and the racing was awesome. My Soar Td1rE.2 was fantastic on the canberra clay with the VP-Pro Gripz and Turbotrax m3 tires keeping me on line. Thanks heaps to Theo Assa at Soar Speedbull Australia for all your support and Cormcc for the great event.