Last weekend we raced at Thiers in France. The club did a great work on the track!

On the Saturday morning, the track was wet as it rained during the week. They used sawdust so we can run on it.

I started with the VP-PRO VP-802 Cutoff Evo (when sawdust on the track) and as soon as we run on the damp dirt, I used both VP-808 Cactus Evo and VP-813 Gripz Evo. I uses these two patterns the whole weekend! They provide me good speed and were easy enough to drive on the rough track.

Speaking of the race, I run in both class : Nitro and EP.

In EP Class, I qualifified 5th after the 5 rounds of qualififications. On the Sunday, I kept my position during the fifinals.

In Nitro class, I qualifified 3rd. The car was good as I work a lot on the set up to adapt it to the track. The mains went well but unfortunately I ended 4th. I was a bit sad to not be on

the podium but I learned a lot on my package in rough conditions!