Every year October Fest is one of Northern California’s 1/8 scale nitro buggy race events that I try and not miss. I’m glad I did not because it was yet again awesome!!! Arrived Saturday morning and found Delta dirt completely soaked and dark. I’ve never seen the dirt this way in years!!! However, I knew it would dry out. Only problem was that I just had a race 2 wks ago and my setup was for a different surface and suspension package. Definitely did not work. Buggy felt like It was a skipping rock across the water. I had my work cut out for me due to the fact that I had to change center diff oil, A,B, and C block positions, and lastly my shock package. I did this in parts. First round was center diff. I went light because the track was so rough. Felt a considerable difference throughout the run. 2nd round I finished moving all my block positions. Added front kick up and rear anti squat. Major improvement! I was on a TQ run until the track bit me. Lastly, my shock packaged the main. I took into consideration the temperature drop at 6:15pm. Nailed it! The buggy was perfect! Took home the win!!! Big shout out to my pit crew Frank Travers and Jan Testa(My lovely Fiancé). They kept me calm and on point. Mugen MBX8 WE ROCKS!!!! See everyone at the next one!!!

#VPPROUSA   VP-804 Turbo Trax Evo. M2 Ties